Then the Rocc Body Revolution might just be your answer… 

"Before Rocc body program I was physically feeling skinny

fat.  I’ve tried a lot of diets it he past and always focused on

doing a lot of cardio and being a mom of 2 I had to have

something that allowed me results without sacrificing the

things that I love, like ice cream with my kiddos."

- Rocc Body M.

"I was feeling soft, out of shape and unmotivated to

do anything. After my first 90 days I decided to do it again

I was so pleased with my results. I work long hours so this program is something that you can do for a long term,

which is why it works. Im so happy with how I feel!"

-Rocc Body Britney

“I am a runner and have never liked strength training,

but I really love doing the weight workouts in the

program. I met my first goal which was to finally fit back

into my pre-covid jeans. This is a program I will continue

for the rest of my life with the tools I was given. It’s a

lifestyle change and I love it!” 

- Rocc Body Kristy 

Dear Rocc Body,

I know you have been restricting calories, exercising 6-7 days a week & trying all the diets to finally lose the weight and get in shape but I'm here to tell you, you don't need to do this anymore!  

The Rocc Body Team is here to get you those results you’ve been working so hard for!  

Unlike other programs that starve you to lose weight, cut out food groups and make you workout 6-7 days a week the Rocc Body programs works because we don't do any of those!  

We nourish the body without starving you because the body uses food as fuel to help burn fat and tone up, we don't cut out any foods out of the diet because we understand learning balance with all foods is important to learn to achieve long term results.  

And we adapt a balanced workout schedule that suits your life style and schedule because we are all busy and don't have the time to spend hours working out. 

Restrict Food Groups

Rocc Body’s eat all food groups because we know every Macronutrient serves a different purpose and all these foods help us nourish the body so it can do what you want it to do. 

Eating Windows

Rocc Body’s eat when and how they want.  no time restrictions becuase we understand that we all have different schedules so you eat when it works for you. 

Starve you

Rocc Body’s never go hungry!  when you body lacks in calories your metabolism decreases which can negatively affect your goals.  Food = Fuel

Crazy Workouts

Rocc Body’s do not do crazy amounts of working out.  We know that crating a balanced, sustainable workout routine is important to your success and longevity. 

  • Every Rocc Body is given a tailor fitted program, this is not a one size fits all!

  • Weekly accountability from certified Rocc Body Coaches.

  • Weekly zoom Calls 2x a week to help you stay on track & learn all from our professionals.

  • We guarantee results!

“This experience has truly been amazing!  I have been trying to lose weight for a long time and been on all the different diets!  But none of them ever worked. But the Rocc Body Coaching program worked! I have not been this weight since I got out of the military, 15 years ago!

-Rocc Body Mandy W. 

“I absolutely love working with Rocc Body. They make fitness fun and nutrition easier to grasp. My own results kept me motivated from week to week, and most importantly, it feels like a lifestyle change that I can actually maintain.”

-Rocc Body Mandy S.

"If you were to tell me I would look like this,

this time last year, I wouldn't have believed

you! I am feeling my best at 50 and so happy with my results that I am joining the Rocc Body Ambassador Team to help more women like

me discover their Rocc Body!"

-Rocc Body Sarah S.

We Customize every program to fit your needs, not others needs. 

We will De-Bunk all the misleading rumors you hear about weightless and fitness

We educate you so you can sustain your results even after your coaching 

We keep you accountable making sure you're getting weekly progress 

We adjust & tweak the customization of your program every 2 weeks to make sure you getting the best results

  • 1 - 60 min On-Boarding Call w/ Coach Nina

  • Daily Virtual Home & Gym Workouts Programs

  • Weekly Virtual Accountability Calls w/ Rocc Body Coaches

  • Exclusive & Private Slack Accountability Group

  • Custom Macronutrient Set Up & Meal Guidance

  • Yummy, Anti-Diet Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

  • Weekly Strategies To Help You Achieve Your Goal In 90 Days

  • Monthly Prizes & Giveaways!

What happens once I sign up?

Once you have registered for your coaching you will get an email with a link book your

Onboarding call with Coach Nina and the two of you will set your goals, map out your custom plan,

and on-board you to your private program.  

Rocc Body has been a game changer for me. I am now down over 50 pounds, feeling so toned and firm and I now say that I don’t live in baggy sweatpants anymore!  Rocc Body has truly changed my life and I would suggest it for anyone who’s ever been in my shoes. I would never go anywhere else, I love my Rocc Body family!

-Rocc Body M. 

“I was a cross country coach yet

I struggled with my weight more than ever. 

You could say I was constantly chasing the

next calorie burn! After the Rocc Body

Coaching I am now my fittest I’ve ever been

and I feel so good that I decided to join the

Rocc Body Team as a Certified Coach!  

-Rocc Body Brittany Domzal 

"I gained weight over Covid from eating whatever I wanted.  But that all changed

once I joined the Rocc Body program! It was

easy for me to follow and my boyfriend even enjoyed all the food I was making!  After losing over 17 pounds of fat and gaining

beautiful muscle I am so happy! The Rocc

Body program is worth every penny!  

-Rocc Body Tina 

Nina Rocco Owner / Head Coach

Hi there! I’m Coach Nina. I am so glad you found me. You probably want to know more about me, right? Well, let me give you the short version so you can see I’m a real person, I’ve been where you’re at, and I know I can help you. I grew up as a tomboy in North Idaho. One day at the age of 19 I hurt my back in an ATV accident. Despite the pain, I managed to go on with life — getting married at 21 and working for the U.S. Air Force while stationed in Italy. While I loved my time overseas, my marriage wasn’t working out, I moved back to the States and moved to Boise idaho. It had been my dream to became a Fitness Coach and help others so it was time to make dreams come true! Since 2011 I've studied and learned everything possible to help women reach their fitness goals.  And while my coaching business was thriving, my old back injury was more painful than ever — to the point I’d end up in a heap on the floor, living in constant chronic pain day after day. I finally found a great doctor and had the surgery I needed to get my life back.  And boy, did I get it back! I took my second chance at my health and ran with it!  And despite all the pain I went through over the years, it gave me so many valuable lessons and I’m so grateful now for the experience. Fast forward to now, and I am fulfilling my life’s purpose to help Rocc Bodies like YOU get the body and life of their dreams… one meal plan and workout at a time!


Coach Nina

Brittany Domzal / Executive Coach

Hey Everyone! Just like Nina, I had a few detours along the way to becoming a coach. I grew up in the Chicago area, where I still live with my husband and kids. As a kid myself, I struggled with obesity. You could say I “ate my feelings” like many of us have because of pain, trauma, or not feeling worthy enough. By the time I graduated high school, I was tipping the scales at 250 pounds… despite my love for sports like track, volleyball and basketball.  I got to college and was able to drop about 50 pounds by eating healthier and embracing my love for being active. When I met my husband, his support inspired me to go even further and I lost even more weight.  And while it sounds like maybe I’d finally conquered my “food demons”... that’s not exactly true. Outwardly I looked like I was crushing it with my workouts and self-discipline… but living on protein bars and coffee, I became “skinny fat.” I realized I hadn’t resolved my still unhealthy relationship with food, after all. Then I met Nina. She helped me work out a meal plan eating REAL FOOD and an achievable workout schedule that didn’t involve becoming a gym rat subsisting on iceberg lettuce and turkey slices. I could have carbs, fat, and even dessert! Just sensibly portioned and journaled to keep track of my progress. Before I knew it, the “skinny fat” melted away and my lean muscles began to appear. Was this the answer I’d been searching for my whole life? Abso-freakin-lutely! I had so much success with Nina’s Rocc Body program, I wanted to join her to help evangelize other frustrated yo-yo dieters and people who might have given up hope on ever reaching their fitness goals. I look forward to helping YOU, too!


Coach Brittany